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Bowfishing Trips

We can’t wait to get on the water with you! We’re here to help you pick the best experience for your group.  Anyone is welcome to come on our guided bowfishing trips as long as they are able to pull back the bowstring at a draw weight (resistance) of 30-40 lbs, generally those aged 13 years and older.  


You may have groups of up to 8, split between two boats that accommodate four clients each. We ask that clients under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.  All clients must agree to and sign a release of liability and recognition of risk form.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Musky Fishing Trips

For those you looking for something a little more challenging, book a traditional (rod & reel) fishing trip targeting the apex predator of our Minnesota waters: the muskellunge. The muskellunge, or musky, is one of the most elusive fishes in the entire United States. These fish are known for stalking fishing lures all the way to the boat just to look at them and then swim off. Although they can be difficult to catch, when you do catch one in our Minnesota waters, they will likely be anywhere from 40-50 inches long, and in some cases, even larger.

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